Warm Fuzzies


In stock this weekend! (15/1/22)

Wanting to make your child feel extra special when they are at kindy or school when you cannot be there with them?

Kyree Loves Lunchbox Affirmations is a beautiful tin box featuring 100 affirmation cards. 

Simply select a warm fuzzy from the tin and place on your child's lunchbox. When they go to open their lunchbox they will feel a burst of love from the beautiful message you have left for them. A lovely way to give your child a giant hug when you cannot be there.

Positive affirmations can help to build resilience, encourage a healthy self-esteem and self-love. All qualities that are important to have. Affirmations are a magical way to find inner peace within yourself and create happiness within your child. 

This set includes a special keepsake tin with 100 affirmation cards inside. Cards measure 5cm x 5cm.

To take care of the cards, wipe it down with a damp cloth at the end of the day (do not soak). Pop back in the tin once it is dried.

With so many affirmations to choose from, this set can be used for for all members of the family.