About Us

Hi, and welcome! 

We are Heather and Truan, (a mother & daughter team) and we own this little corner of the internet. We purchased My Sweet Fox back in June, and it's been a wild ride of sourcing beautiful products, winging it and writing endless to-do lists that never really seem to be completed! I guess that's small business for you, hey? 

My mum and I have ALWAYS wanted to have a shop like this. She's been saying it to me for years. Me, ever the sceptic, was always like, "yeah, but HOW?" 
Ta-da! Amazing. We are just so THRILLED to be here, to have this opportunity, to be our own bosses of our own shop - it's really pretty damn awesome. 

You'll be seeing me (Tru) around the place on socials, sharing photos of my kids and my fifo husband, occasionally packing your orders and writing thank you notes. You'll be seeing mum (Heather) mostly over email and packing orders and writing notes too; no doubt our roles will cross over from time to time! We're learning as we go - we ask that you reach out if you need anything, have any issues, want to compliment us, have a whinge, whatever. We're here. We're good listeners! 

Otherwise, sit back, relax and check out all the beautiful goodies we've got in store (with more to come!) :) 


Tru and Heather xx